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CLIP has 6 dedicated production lines and 6 blending tanks. CLIP is able to fill from 250 ml to 1000 liters bottles.

CLIP has also a know-how in brake fluids filling with dedicated tanks.

CLIP has :
1. A fully automatised filling line dedicated for small bottles (250 ml to 1 l)
2. A polyvalent line for 1 to 6 l bottles
3. A line for small batches
4. A line dedicated for cleaning products
5. A line dedicated to large volumes bottles (20l to 1000l cans)
6. A fully automatised line for bottles from 2 l to 5 l

ligne conditionnement fond clip
cuve melange fond clip france

6 blending tanks from 10 000 l to 20 000 l.

Our strengths :

  • Quick serial change
  • Large formats possibility